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Cancer Program

“Being your brother’s and sister’s keeper doesn’t mean you have to be a blood relative, it just means you have to have compassion and empathy for your fellow man. It means you care.”

Our Community Cares, Inc. assists community members facing a cancer diagnosis through financial assistance grants, applications with other programs and resources available in the community. We provide comfort bags with hand made lap blankets and other items that can assist during supportive care.

Support the Cancer Fund by clicking on the heart logo in bottom right and selecting Cancer Fund


Veterans Program

Our veterans’ program is run by a Columbia County veteran who coordinates services to veterans in need. We provide grants and assist with services that are available to the men and women who have served us. 

Support the Veterans Program by clicking on the heart logo in bottom right and selecting Veterans Fund



Senior Program

Individuals 62 or older can apply for the Our Community Cares Senior Grant to assist with needs that cannot be currently met with other programs available in the community. 


In 2022 we provided a new bed for a gentleman who had never had one before and tires for a senior in need of reliable transportation to her cancer treatments. Support for this program was granted by the Berkshire Taconic Aging with Dignity Grant.

Support the Senior Program by clicking on the heart logo in bottom right and selecting General Fund


Pediatric Program

Through the sale of Lincoln’s Keepers, and assistance via the Stewart’s Holiday Match Foundation, Our Community Cares can offer assistance to families with children 18 and under in the household for expenses due to hardship. 

Support the Pediatric by clicking on the heart logo in bottom right and selecting Pediatric Fund


Emergency Assistance

Throughout the year, Our Community Cares can offer one time assistance as it is available to individuals and families who are facing a hardship. This may be in the form of a grocery or gas card, or a gift card to a local store to replace items lost in a fire. 


Grocery Program

Through The Chatham Berry Farm- Weekly Produce Bags are donated to senior housing complexes and families in need thanks to the generosity of The Chatham Berry Farm. 

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